Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat

2019 Workshops & Instructors

Each year, when instructor applications open for the Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat, I hold my breath and wonder ‘Have we seen it all? Maybe there are no new workshops’.  I worry that people will be bored, or that we won’t be able to top the year before. But I really don’t know why I worry.

Year after year I am astonished by the amount of skill, passion, and love the Michigan Hoop Community has built. These year promises to be better than ever, with over 40 workshops for you to choose from.

Join us for the 4th annual Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat and see for yourself!

MHDR 2019 Workshop Schedule

Instructor Line-Up

Missy Cooke - Lansing Hoops

Hi! I’m Missy Cooke. A few years ago I dreamed of a weekend full of hoop dance, friends, and learning, where we could all come together to improve and share our skills. I never imagined the Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat would evolve into such a loving, fun, happy, flow family. You all mean the world to me, and I am truly blessed to have met each and every one of you throughout your flow journey. Can’t wait to see you in August!

Sarah Woelfel

Sarah is the founder and owner of Supernova Circus Arts (formerly Supernova Hoops) since Feb. 2014. Sarah started teaching as a Hoopnotica certified instructor and has also completed a Hoop/Yoga Fusion teacher course in Sept 2016. She has been teaching adult and children’s hoop dance classes (which have also competed at dance competitions) since July 2014. Sarah has taught at the Michigan Hoop Retreat (2016, 2017 &2018), PlayThink (2018), Rock n’ Flow Festival (2018) and is the event manager for Frostbite Flow Arts Camp. You may have also seen Sarah vending at such events as Campfire (2016, 2017 & 2018), Michigan Hoop Retreat (2016, 2017 & 2018), Rock n’ Flow Festival (2018) and Frostbite (2017 & 2018). Sarah has performed at various events such as a RAW artist showcase in Minneapolis, MN (2015), the Ice Castles in WI Dells (2017), PlayThink (2018) (with her daughter Azy), Windigo Fest in Manitowoc, WI (2018), Clara Takes Flight an Aerial Nutcracker (2017 & 2018) and at the igNight Market in Green Bay, WI (2017 &2018) . She is also a trained fire performer and performs individually and with her fire troupe, Lakeside Luminaries. Sarah’s fire props of choice are the fire hoop, fire staff, dragon staff and fire eating.

Allison Duford

Hi guys, Allison here! I have been participating in the flow art community for five years. My flow arts journey started with a single hoop, but has progressed into double hooping, fire hooping, and fire fans. Last year I made the leap to start teaching workshops and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I taught workshops at both the 2018 MHDR and Sacred Vibrations Music and Arts Festival 2018. Since then I have learned so much and can’t wait to bring a new bag of tricks to the table this summer!

Hip Hop Hooper - Sam Ogletree

Sam Ogletree aka Hip-Hop Hooper is a Georgia native who is a self-taught hooper of 5 years. She wasn’t even able to waist hoop when she made a new years’ resolution to learn from YouTube. She loves to dance (not necessarily well), do yoga, and is a professional photographer. Her hoop idol is Morgan Jenkins because they both have similar film and hoop backgrounds. She has attended every MHDR since it began and is so excited to be an instructor again. MHDR has been a huge part of her life in Michigan and she has made lifelong friends with hoopers all over the state. She has performed for Detroit community and school events, as well as Michigan Science Center’s After Dark, The Artist’s Gym’s Show & Flow, and at the Art of Armageddon Beach Party in Detroit.

Natasha Fisher

My name is Natasha and I have been hooping for 8 years. I recently fell in love with rope darting and although I have no martial arts training, I feel confident I can get you swinging a rope dart and learning a few moves that will incorporate your hooping experience.

Grateful Hoop Mama - Erika Gallagher

Grateful hoop mama is an Ohio based/Michigan grown flow artist. She has been hooping for almost 7 years and has taught and performed all over the United States and Virgin Islands. Although her main prop is a hula hoop, she also enjoys spinning poi, fans, levi wand, triquetras, and buugeng. Movement is one of her most treasured expansions of the heartspace. To share the medicine of flow is truly a blessing; and inspiring others around her is her main goal as a flow artist. She was nominated one of the top 40 hula hoopers of 2017 and has received the Unicorn Award from the Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat for being the ideal role model of a hula hooper. The journey of the circle has no dead ends: The sacred circle is forever evolving and the tricks to master are infinite. 

Swirl Sorcerer - Nikki Shaver

Nikki, known as the Swirl Sorcerer radiates with passion when it comes to her art. She enjoys hooping and fans as her props of choice. The Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat has a special place in her heart as it was her first hoop related event, at the very first one! Nikki started hooping about 4 years ago. Nikki loves to think outside of the box, by combining old and new concepts. She is inspired to combine flow with musicality often. She spends a lot of time studying tech flow with hoops and fans. Doing so has opened so many possibilities that she never thought possible. She strives to teach people about the combination of “simple things,” and that beauty is also found in slow movements. These developed through her love for fire flow. She is taking her art to a new level this year, and is working towards her dream of teaching and performing more regularly.

Deanna Bedoun

Deanna Bedoun, aka Déa Tsukino, is a Michigan native performance artist. She is the owner of Silver Millennium Entertainment, and a member of the Smitten Spinners performance troupe, as well as other various projects. Hula hoops stole her heart in 2011, and she never looked back. She has since evolved to love flow arts as a whole. Her other primary props are fans and dragonstaff, but dabbles in all movement based arts that come her way. Deanna loves to share and learn with others, and simply can not wait for what MHDR 2019 has in store for us.

Morgan (Fey) Sanford

Morgan is a Michigan native though she insists she arrived here from the depths of the Feywilds. With a daring spirit and impish nature, she brings energy and spark to the community like no other. This is her second year attending MHDR and she couldn’t be happier to see your smiling faces.

Mya Crampton

Hi! My name is Mya (or Flow Freak) and I’ve been hooping for a little over a year now. Flow has been an outlet for mindfulness for me, and I hold the flow art community very near to my heart. MHDR 2018 was the first flow-based event that I attended, and I’m so excited to come back this year as an instructor! Outside of flowing, I’m very passionate about animals and the environment. I’m currently pursuing a bachelors degree in environmental science and sustainability at Eastern Michigan University.

Jessica Perez

Jess has been hula hooping for a little over 3 years. She started performing in the spring of 2018 and a few months later became a certified Hoop Love Coach. Dancing with her hoops is her true passion, and she wants nothing more out of life than to share that with others. She hopes to inspire people to chase their dreams and pursue whatever sparks a fire in their soul.

Jenny Wags

Growing up, Jenny Wags was surrounded by music and dance, being active in the school show choir and dance squads. After high school however, she greatly needed a creative outlet and thankfully soon discovered hula hooping, which quickly grew into a deep passion and married her love of music and dance. Through hula hooping and the hooping community Jenny grasped a new harmony with her body and a regained self-esteem. As she has felt the positive impact the hula hoop has had on her own life, it brings her great joy to introduce others to this meditative movement. Jenny hopes to share her love of playful movement and all its beneficial aspects to the mind, body and spirit through instruction, hoop events, and hoop troupe(s). It excites her to see this magical circle positively impact the lives of those who touch it, just as it has affected hers.

Kristie Jensen

Kristie Jensen has been an dancer since age 7. She went to Columbia College Chicago to study the techniques for ballet and modern dance as well as the choreography aspect of the arts. She is currently working on spreading her love of contact improvisation to the Detroit area, as well as performing as one half of the new performance duo Ova Zealous.

Paige Morris

Hi I’m Paige Morris and this is my 4th year of hooping and attending MHDR.  Hoop dance and flow in general has brought me so much joy as well as a new way to challenge myself. I’m very excited to share what I’ve learned in what will be my first year attending as an instructor!

Find your people. Play with hoops.