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2021 Instructor Line-Up

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Deanna Bedoun




Déa Tsukino is a Michigan local performer. She first fell in love with hula hoops about 11 years ago, and her passion has evolved to include various movement based arts, and trading these skills with other artists. Her specialties include hula hoops, dragon staff, fire dancing, roller skating, clowning and juggling.


Intro to Slackline
Triple Hoop Tech





Inro to Slackline
Triple HoopTech
Nicole Goss aka Blackgurlhoopin

Nicole Goss Aka Blackgurlhoopin, creator of FlowGurlFlow, is a multi prop artist but her favorite of all is the hoop and she has been sharing the joy of it for 3yrs.


Let’s Catch the Rhythm of the Beat
Beginner Hoop Dance
How to Get Social Media Following

Nicole Stevenson

 An Early Childhood Expert, Yoga Teacher and Flow Arts Performer with over 20 years experience. Nicole lives in Vermont with her loving husband and two dogs. Growing up an athlete, Nicole has been involved with fitness her whole life. As an adult she fell in love with ballet and Pilates which eventually guided her towards hoop dance. In 2012, Nicole earned her certifications in hoop dance and hoop fitness. A year later, she became the first HoopYogini™ certified instructor and is now a Master Trainer. Nicole has since then pursued a deeper understanding of yoga by earning more certifications. When not in a hoop or on a yoga mat, Nicole can be found teaching preschoolers. She graduated May 2007 with a dual degree in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. She has a strong love for kid logic and prides herself on teaching to all learning styles.


Spinal Awakening Series
From the Core
Stretch & Strengthen
Lunar Phase – Hoop Yogini
Jennifer Dennehy

Jennifer Dennehy

Jennifer Dennehy’s Bio Born in Buffalo, NY Jennifer has been dancing for 33 years. Trained in ballet, modern, tap, jazz, African, hip-hop, creative and hoop dance. She holds a BA in Psychology from Mercyhurst College. Trained in Creative Dance @ Luna Dance Institute in Berkeley, CA. About Jennifer’s work: – internationally recognized performing and teaching artist – 9 year company member of Dafmark Dance Theater – teaches 20 weekly hoop and creative dance classes in Erie, PA, – Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Rostered Teaching Artist, – CEO & Lead Teaching Artist for Kinetic Creativity – General manager of Dafmark Dance Theater – Founder and artistic director at Lake Effect Hoop Troop. Areas of focus: – Teaching PA State Standards curriculum (math, science, writing) through dance in schools. – Teaching dance to individuals with Parkinson’s and Dementia – Multigenerational dance – Partnering with various social service organizations – Teaching dance to individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities – Choreography – Hoop dance: Technique, Flow, Dance Fusion, hoop choreography Jennifer has been a guest artist teaching and performing artist at various events and college/universities throughout the US. And internationally Jennifer has taught and performed in Peru, Canada, India, the Netherlands and Germany.


Hoop Dance Composition 1
Hoop Dance Choreography & Repertoire
Morning Movement
Creative Dance for All
What Is Arts Infused Education
Jessica Perez

Jess Perez

Jess is a Michigan flow artist, fire performer, and instructor. Her journey into the flow arts world began in January of 2016 and hasn’t stopped since. She is a multi-prop artist who specializes in hula hoops but also has a love for leviwand, fans, and dragon staff. Her favorite thing about the Michigan flow arts community is how supportive and encouraging everyone is. Jess is eager to share everything she knows and is even more eager to learn from all of you!


Doubles: Drills Drills Drills
Doubles: Intricate weaves, Wraps, & More
The Workshop Workshop


Jenny Wags - Yoga Round Now

I’ve been hula hooping for over ten years and became Hoop Love Coach certified in 2017. From then on I began spreading hula hoop love in my local community, exploring the world of teaching others how to hula hoop as well as share the art through performance and spinning fire. I’ve been practicing yoga for longer than hooping and felt a strong connection between the two. I taught yoga with a hula hoop at Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat in 2018 and 2019 and felt my calling to continue diving into this hoop yoga practice. I started my 200HR yoga teacher training in 2019 at Peoples Yoga in Lansing, Michigan and the practice significantly transformed to using the hula hoop as not solely an extension of the body, but a genuine yoga prop; one that assists with keeping you in your plane of movement and help you find your center. The hoop also allows you to deepen a stretch or provide balance. In 2021 I achieved my 300HR yoga certification and have been teaching yoga with and without a hoop both in person and online for the past year. Teaching is definitely a path I love and feel grateful to share.


Yoga Round for Beginners
Twist & Stretch



Meet Steve! Our resident multi-hooper has been in love with plastic circles for 7 years; this will be her second year teaching at MHDR. With a background in dance Steve’s style can best be described as eclectic & energetic. When she’s not performing or playing with her hoops, she enjoys baking, hiking, and occasionally tap dancing.


Talk – Presence & Flow
Big Steves Breaks & Paddles Battle
Doubles Drills for Quad Tech
1 & 2 Hoop Mandala Variations
Kaitlin Robinson

I am 26 years old. Originally from Louisiana, moved to Michigan in 2015 but traveled fulltime in an RV for two years with my husband and daughter between then and now. My biggest passions are flow arts and traveling. I fell in love with hooping at Electric Forest 2015 when I was surrounded by the hoop troupe and since that day I knew I wanted to be part of the flow community. Over the years I’ve learned that I find a true joy in introducing individuals to a new flow. The happiness I can spread by showing others that they can also flow is and amazingly rewarding thing to me.


Escalate Everything
Throwing Elbows
Nose Hooping
Mya Crampton


Mya Crampton, known as Cool to Bee Kind, has been dancing in circles for over three years now. Mya began hoop dance as a way to keep in contact with flow arts after falling in love with color and winter-guard in high school and early college. As Mya’s journey with flow arts progressed she began to see value in the ways that flow facilitates radical self-love, self-expression, confidence, and release. Through her hoop journey she has learned many things (she loves to collaborate with others, maximize creativity, and play with fire). As a recently certified Hoop Love Instructor, Mya hopes to utilize the knowledge she gained through the program to show up as the best instructor she can be. In her workshops, the emphasis will be on valuing yourself for showing up versus valuing yourself for achieving perfection.


Spicin It Up
Beginner Silk Fans
Feelin Myself (Sacred Circle)


Sam Ogletree

Sam Ogletree a.k.a. “Hip-Hop Hooper” is a Georgia native who is self-taught hooper of 6 years. She wasn’t even able to waist hoop when she made a new years’ resolution to learn from Youtube. She enjoys dancing, playing the ukulele, and photographing for her small business (Sam O. Photo). Her hoop idols are Grace Good, Lee Jeffries, and Feel Me Flow. She has attended MHDR every year since it began, having photographed and instructed in the past.


Illusions & Isolations

Chadewick Harris

Chadewick is a multi prop artist who has been practicing flow arts for nine years and instructing for the last four. He lives to spread the love of flow and help create safe, fun, and supportive environments for people to learn and practice. He has hosted Ypsi Spin Jam for the last six years and is GM of Great Lakes Flow.


Roll With It
Beyond The Chi
Buugeng Beginnings
Kris Muckles-Jensen


Inclusion Talk
Sarah Masarik

Sarah started hula hooping in 2013 and set out to receive her Hoopnotica teaching certification in April of 2014. Later she earned her Hoop/Yoga Fusion teacher course in Sept 2016 and Foundations of AcroYoga Jan. 2020. Sarah is also the founder and owner of Supernova Circus Arts (Formerly Supernova Hoops).

Sarah aka Sarah Supernova has performed hoop, fire and aerials at various events and locations such as the Ice Castles in WI Dells, the Pourhouse in Minneapolis, MN, June-A-Palooza @ Christopher Farms & Gardens, “Clara Takes Flight” an aerial nutcracker and even appeared in a RARE MOB music video

She has taught adult and children’s hoop dance classes for local events, benefits, rec departments and dance studios; and currently teaches hoop, acro and aerials at Warped Studios in Sheboygan, WI.

Sarah has also taught at flow arts events such as the Michigan Hoop Retreat (2016 & 2017, 2018, 2019), PlayThink (2018 & 2019) and Frostbite Flow Arts Camp (2017 & 2018) which she is also the event manager for.


Intro to Aerial Hammock
Beyond the Basics of Fire Eating
Flying with Friends: Acro 101
Megan Dupuy


A step by step guide on how to safely begin and advance your headstand practice. A warm up, cool down and additional balance yoga poses will be included in the lesson. spotting and safety are the focus at the beginning of this class. Some yoga experience and moderate/strong core muscles will be helpful, but no experience is required. Bring yoga mat or a towel – A handful of yoga mats will be available, first come first serve.


Head Stands are for Everyone

Bubble Master Bri - Bubbles R Fun

Brianna or as most people call her Bri found her passion for bubble making when her mother Yo had discovered large bubbles at a garden party. It didn’t take her long to design and create various style wands to share her passion and joy for bubbles with others. Brianna has performed with her bubble wands at various community events. Bubble Therapy as it has been referred to is a type of meditation and Zen that comes from making and seeing the bubbles. Whether you are looking to experience the wonder of making a bubble larger than you or you are looking for a new creative outlet you will want to attend a workshop with Bubble Master Bri!

Classes: Bubble Therapy with Bri

Remy Darnell

Remy has been dancing with her levitation wand for almost three years. She loves both the free floating dance aspect of levitation wand as well as the difficult tech-y moves. She has recently began to learn to hoop, after being inspired by her talented friends. Remy has a performance art background beginning with youth theatre and tap dance in childhood and graduated Spring 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from MSU. She loves to sing, dance, act, and generally be on stage and entertaining people. Besides theater, her passions include travel, reading, and animals.

Classes: Levitation wand

Auditory Aesthetics & Devin Is Dead

Auditory Aesthetics and Devin is Dead are a creative couple from Toledo, OH. Auditory Aesthetics is just your typical astral being in human form. She has been doing yoga for nearly 2 decades. Her vibe embraces the contrast and balance in life. Devin is Dead is the ominous energy within the realm of deep vibrations. He has been producing music and DJing for over 3 years. His goal is to share experiences and feelings through sound. Together, they decided to merge their individual passions to create a multi-sensory yoga workshop – Movement Meditation.

Classes: Movement Meditation

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