MHDR Scholarship Program


Scholarship Applications Are Now Open!

The Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat is an annual gathering of hoopers and flow artists who meet for a weekend to share their love of movement, dance, art, and creativity. Many of us arrive alone, not knowing anyone. But by the end of the weekend, we all feel like family.

At MHDR we believe that art and community are for everyone and we welcome guests of all skill levels, abilities, gender and racial identities, and financial and social backgrounds.

We affirm and offer our support to those members of our family who belong to the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities, and to other disenfranchised groups who do not receive equitable access to events and opportunities like those at MHDR.

Our scholarship program offers recipients a full access pass so they can experience the full range of workshops, community events, and other activities we offer throughout the weekend.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship to MHDR, please complete the form below by May 17, 2024. You will be notified by June 14, 2024 if you are a scholarship recipient.

Scholarship Info

Benefits & Expectations

Scholarship Details
  • Scholarships are given based on need and impact for the recipient 
  • Scholarship recipients are given a full access pass to the entire MHDR weekend 
  • All scholarship recipients receive early bird camping 
  • Recipients will make connections  with flow artists from all over Michigan and the Midwest
Scholarship Requirements & Expectations
  • Scholarships are given on a need and impact basis. Applications are reviewed and acceptance is determined by the MHDR Advisory team
  • MHDR is a community experience. Scholarship recipients are asked to participate in the event just like any other attendee. We all have something to gain and give by taking others’ workshops. Please come to the retreat ready to share and receive openly
  • Scholarship recipients are responsible for their own food and shelter while at the retreat. Most attendees camp on-site in tents. Electric is available for charging use only. Showers & flush toilets are available. There are a few hotel options within 30 minutes of the event if you are not a camp-type person. Hotel cost & accommodations are the responsibility of the scholarship recipient
  • MHDR is a community event. If you receive a scholarship, we ask that you share the event online and in person with your communities and invite your friends to join
  • MHDR is an 18+ event. Minors are not eligible for this scholarship
Application Process

The 9th Annual Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat is August 8-11, 2024 at Sunset Place Campground in Mason, MI. MHDR is a community experience. Please plan on staying for the weekend and joining in on the fun.

To apply for a scholarship to MHDR2024, submit the application below by May 17, 2024. You will be notified by email by June 14th, 2024 if you have received a scholarship.

Hint: MHDR receives lots of applications. Please answer each question fully and thoughtfully to increase your chances of receiving a scholarship.

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