Covid Update July 2020

Thinking about attending the 5th annual Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat, but worried about your ability to safely socially distance? We take these concerns seriously, and wondered the same thing — Is it possible to hold the event and maintain 6 ft of space between all attendees at all times?

While our community grows every year, the retreat has remained small and intimate and we have been blessed with an incredible venue with acres of space to spread out. This makes it easy to adjust our process to allow for new safety measures, and confidently state we have more than enough room for each person to choose how much space they want between them and the next person.

Additionally, we promise to take the following steps to ensure your safety:

1. We ask all staff, instructors, and attendees to limit travel and self-quarantine as much as possible beginning July 30th through the retreat.

2. We will require a no-touch temperature reading upon check-in. If you have a fever or are symptomatic, you will be refused entry. Your ticket will be credited to MHDR2021.

3. Hand sanitizer will be available at Home Base, Info & First Aid, and all workshop stations.

4. Disposable face masks will be available at no cost for anyone who needs one. Gaiter style face masks will be available for a minimal fee.

5. Tent City will be expanded to allow appropriate spacing between tents.

6. Common areas will be regularly checked for cleanliness and addressed as needed.

We believe love and connection with others is essential to our mental, emotional, and physical health, and as the pandemic persists, we must adjust to a new way of meeting those needs for connection. We ask that every attendee commit to taking personal responsibility in limiting their exposure to Covid-19 before, during, and after the retreat. It will take time, but together we will get through this.


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